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Wed, 30 Jul 2003
New Project Time:  Moosilla

While job hunting I'm starting up a little project to keep me busy: making a Cocoa version of Mozilla Composer.   First step is to see if the old cocoa embedding sample still builds and works...

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Mon, 28 Jul 2003
Welcome to floppaganda.

This is the weblog of Joe Francis, aka floppymoose.  I just recently returned from a lovely vacation in Hawaii.  In some kind of karmic equalization process, 10 days of Hawaiian bliss was balanced by the discovery, on my return, that my badge no longer opened the building at Netscape's Mountain View campus where I work.  I mean worked.  I am part of the flotsam scattered by the ejection of all things mozilla from AOL.  

So now I'm seeking a software engineering position.  If you have one, give it to me.  Now. 

Not yet convinced?  Perhaps some details of my prior experience is in order.

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