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Sun, 16 Nov 2003
More Site Tinkering

I've expanded the discussion of ad blocking css on the home page, and tweaked the look of the entire site slightly. Next up is a Python starter project to do some simple Apache log file analysis.

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Fri, 07 Nov 2003
Floppymoose to join A9

So much for lying in a beanbag wearing tighty whities and weilding a remote. I've decided to join the world of the employed once more. A9 looks like a great opportunity to learn a whole pile of new things and try to solve some fun problems. A9 is Amazon's search technology arm, spun off into a subsidiary down here in Palo Alto. There have been a few articles in the press already, even though A9 isn't really started yet.

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Tue, 19 Aug 2003
floppaganda gets a new look

Inspired by (and shamelessly stealing from) Asa's great looking weblog, I've updated the look&feel of floppaganda.

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Mon, 28 Jul 2003
Welcome to floppaganda.

This is the weblog of Joe Francis, aka floppymoose.  I just recently returned from a lovely vacation in Hawaii.  In some kind of karmic equalization process, 10 days of Hawaiian bliss was balanced by the discovery, on my return, that my badge no longer opened the building at Netscape's Mountain View campus where I work.  I mean worked.  I am part of the flotsam scattered by the ejection of all things mozilla from AOL.  

So now I'm seeking a software engineering position.  If you have one, give it to me.  Now. 

Not yet convinced?  Perhaps some details of my prior experience is in order.

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