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Sun, 04 Jul 2004
Safari css improvements

Safari now correctly runs my goofy dynamic html retro screensaver demo.

Safari version: 1.2.2 (v125.8)

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Sun, 09 Nov 2003
Ad Blocking Page Updated to include Safari

I now have instructions for using my ad blocking userContents.css with the Safari web browser from Apple. Find the updated instructions here.

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Sun, 05 Oct 2003
<lastbuilddate> goes 1.0

What's new: Now RFC 822 compliant date formatting is the default. You can go back to the old MoveableType style dating by setting:
my = 0;
Also perldoc style documentation has been added.

Known Issues: Plugins that provide their own entries routine and do not return the story files in the %files hash will cause lastbuilddate to find no date. In this circumstance lastbuilddate will not emit a field. To work around this, rename lastbuilddate so that it executes ahead of these plugins. For example, rename to 00lastbuilddate.

Download lastbuilddate here.

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Wed, 17 Sep 2003
floppaganda look updated

I continue to twiddle the look of floppaganda. It looks best on mozilla due to the use of rounded borders (which is a mozilla-only css feature), and it looks best on mac due to use of  Marker Felt and American Typewriter fonts. I'm investigating adding writeback and trackback features... stay tuned.

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Ad Blocking CSS updated

The latest blocks more ad images and also fixes the false positive on netflix's rental page. Go here for the latest.

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Wed, 10 Sep 2003
Changes to Cocoa Embed Test App Project Checked In

I just landed some changes to the cocoa test app project that allow it to build and run again.  You can find it in mozilla/embedding/tests/cocoaEmbed.  Directions for building a cocoa version of the mozilla, and the cocoaEmbed test app, can be found here.   I will write up my own additional directions shortly (the mozilla directions are slightly stale).

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Mon, 01 Sep 2003
Silliness with Javascript and CSS

Remember the early screensavers that just drew random rects? Bring back those epileptic fits today, using nothing more than javascript, dom, and css! Note that this may only work in Gecko-based browsers (Mozilla, Netscape, Firebird, Camino...)    Go here for demonstration...

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Sun, 17 Aug 2003
lastbuilddate alpha ships!

lastbuilddate is a blosxom plugin that adds a <lastBuildDate> value to your rss feed. Download lastbuilddate here.

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Updated Ad Blocking css

I've made a small update to my Ad Blocking css here. Now some MSN ads should be blocked as well. You may want to also check out a couple of other sites (blizzle and gozer) that have much larger blocking lists. I have not incorporated their additions so far because I want to limit my list to what I regularly use. That way I know from experience that there aren't too many false positives.

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Mon, 11 Aug 2003
<lastbuildDate> blosxom plugin

Blosxom 2.0 just came out. So I'm making a plugin out of my lastBuildDate rss modification to blosxom. Stay tuned...

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Sun, 10 Aug 2003
Tcsh Script for Mozilla Build

Here is a tcsh script for building mozilla and saving all the build output to a file.  In this script "~/mozroot" should be replaced by the path to you mozilla root, and "~/mozroot/buildlog.txt" should be replaced by the filename for your build log.

#! /bin/tcsh
echo "starting build" > ~/mozroot/buildlog.txt
date >> ~/mozroot/buildlog.txt
cd ~/mozroot
cvs co mozilla/client.mk >>& ~/mozroot/buildlog.txt
cd mozilla
make -w -f client.mk >>& ~/mozroot/buildlog.txt
echo "finished build" >> ~/mozroot/buildlog.txt
date >> ~/mozroot/buildlog.txt

Why tcsh?  Well, it's the default on macosx and most folks building mozilla probably have some build cruft in their .tcshrc, like:

source /sw/bin/init.csh
setenv CVSROOT :pserver:anonymous@cvs-mirror.mozilla.org:/cvsroot
You can use the above script along with Cronnix to set up an automated daily build on your mac.

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Tue, 05 Aug 2003
First Perl Dabble

I just successfully tackled my very first Perl project: modifying blosxom so that it reports a lastBuildDate in it's rss feed.  Now folks getting my feed can automate notifications of new content.  After some code cleanup I will share the implementation on my website.

I must say, Perl has quite the learning curve.

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Fri, 01 Aug 2003
Status of building cocoa embedding bits:

Building mozilla/embedding/browser/cocoa/src/NSBrowserView.pbproj, I hit a couple of errors. A couple of the files were stale. I've checked in new versions of CHClickListener.mm and SaveHeaderSniffer.mm to fix build problems.

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Wed, 30 Jul 2003
New Project Time:  Moosilla

While job hunting I'm starting up a little project to keep me busy: making a Cocoa version of Mozilla Composer.   First step is to see if the old cocoa embedding sample still builds and works...

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