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About me

I'm a senior software engineer with fifteen years software development experience. Skills include application design and development, OS performance analysis, mac toolbox, C/C++/java programming, and web development. Former math junkie (B.A. Math, Highest Honors, Williams College).

Things I've done:

I was at Netscape from 1997 to 2003, and a member of Editor Group for Mozilla Development from its inception in 1999 to present, where I was the principal author of the editor core code that does the actual edit transformations (C++ mostly).  This editor is used in text and html editing (both in Mail and Composer) throughout the Mozilla browser and Netscape 6, 7, and beyond, on all mozilla platforms (windows, mac, linux, os/2, several unix's).  This editor technology is also used in AOL Communicator (review here) and the Thunderbird email client.  Collectively these products have millions of users and have won numerous awards.  I'm using the editor now (in Composer, part of Mozilla) to write this.

Before that I was in the AWT Group for the Netscape Java Runtime, where I owned Mac support for Java AWT 1.1: a component of the Netscape Java runtime on the mac that implemented Java window toolkit (windows, controls, etc.) via C++ classes calling the mac toolbox.

Throughout my tenure at Netscape I've also made contributions to mac specific issues - things like tracking down and fixing mac-specific bugs, occassional help with the mac build system, and designing how to fix Netscape's home grown threading system to work on dual-cpu macs (that one was fun).

Before that I was at Apple, as an OS Performance Engineer, developing tools and methodologies for performance evaluation of the Copland OS, and even earlier I was working at Dartmouth on the DCIS software development staff as a macintosh applications developer, where I did DCIS Navigator, a kind of precursor to the web that let campus folks access a lot of electronic library resources, and DCIS ImageView, a helper program for Navigator that displayed graphics (GIF, TIFF, JPEG, and PICT).  This was all done on top of a C++ application framework that I wrote, and also with a C++ exception package I wrote (back then mac C++ compilers didn't natively support exceptions). 

Need to reach me?  Email me at joe AT floppymoose DOT com.