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lastbuilddate is a plugin for blosxom, the excellent lightweight weblog application from Rael Dornfest.  Blosxom has the ability to supply an rss 0.91 feed for the weblog.  The default blosxom installation does not include a <lastBuildDate> tag.  This rss header tag is used by some rss readers to identify what the date of the newest item is, without having to parse the entire feed.  For instance, www.gemal.dk uses this field to sort the weblogs on it's Blogupdates page in order of recent activity.  lastbuilddate is a blosxom plugin that adds a <lastBuildDate> value.

Download lastbuilddate here.

No configuration is needed - just drop lastbuilddate into your blosxom Plugins folder.  lastbuilddate works with path-specified feeds, but not date-specified. 

lastbuilddate uses RFC 822 compliant date formatting by default, as specified by rss. You can go back to the old MoveableType style dating by setting:
my $use_rfc_822_date = 0;

Known Issues: Plugins that provide their own entries routine and do not return the story files in the %files hash will cause lastbuilddate to find no date. In this circumstance lastbuilddate will not emit a field. To work around this, rename lastbuilddate so that it executes ahead of these plugins. For example, rename to 00lastbuilddate. 

Finally, this is my first attempt at Perl programming, so caveat emptor.  If you have bugs to report or suggestions to make, you can reach me at joe AT floppymoose DOT com